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The Outcast Bucket at a Glance

R2900 Outcast Bucket compared to Conventional R2900 CAT Bucket
Weight reduction 25%
2.0 tonne
Operating cost savings

  • Less maintenance
  • Less fuel

$40,000 to 50,000

To be quantified

Replacement parts stock reduction 50%
Lower CO2 emissions To be quantified

The operating cost savings were estimated from a 12 week production trial.

Other benefits not easily quantified:

  1. reduced loader downtime for bucket maintenance.
  2. less likely to incur hang-up in the bucket (none observed in trials to date).
  3. no incidental damage from heel blocks (eg catching on truck trays, puncturing ventilation bags).
  4. reduced loader stress through reduction in transferred shock loads (due to the smooth profile design of the Outcast bucket).
  5. less time for loading and unloading.
Click here for methodology used to estimate savings
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