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Loader buckets
Ready to dig without heel shrouds or under-floor wear bars

Outcast Underground Loader Buckets

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Stronger & Lighter with a Smoother Profile 

Bucket lip can be customised to each mine’s requirements.

The results:

  • Reduced exposure to safety hazards
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower Fuel Costs
  • Lower CO2 emissions (less fuel, less replacement parts)
  • Increased loader availability
  • Reduced cycle times

Goldmont Engineering has designed the Outcast bucket to tick all the boxes. The bucket is stronger and lighter due to to the exclusive use of advanced, wear resistant and high strength steel – Hardox and Strenx.

The smooth profile results from the absence of heel shrouds and lip shrouds and an underside wear skin without add-on wear bars.

The benefits of the Outcast bucket are outstanding!



Front view of Outcast underground loader bucket for Sandvik LH517. Shows smooth profile inside the bucket with no boxed out centre section and smooth leading edge of lip with no lip shrouds.
Smooth profile inside the bucket.
Rear perspective view of Outcast underground loader bucket for Sandvik LH517. Shows external ears for attaching to the loader and 45o transition to side wall
External ears and 45 degree transition to side wall
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