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Transport boilermaking services
Side Tipper repair work


Goldmont Engineering manufactures, repairs and maintains heavy haulage trucks.  We can fabricate whatever you require for your new truck or trailer or modify existing trucks and trailers.  We are a licensed Motor Body Repairer.

We design and certify products such as A-frames, tri-dollies and tow hitches. The certification process includes the granting of a Component Registration Number when required by the federal Department of Regional Infrastructure and Development.

Some of the components we repair have corroded.  We can apply our Speedliner® coating product to prevent future corrosion to your truck or trailer.

Look at our products page – we stock and supply replacement parts used by the heavy haulage industry:

  • Trailer mudguards
  • Tail light bars
  • Road train pogo poles


Tanker after repairs, sandblasting and painting
Heavy truck after repairs and painting
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