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Curved wall kits for underground paste fill


Curved wall kits for false underground pillars to allow backfilling of stopes with bulk paste mix.

  WKR5: 3-4H x 3-5W $1,260
  WKR5: 3-4H x 5-7W $1,360
  WKR5: 4-5H x 3-5W $1,400
  WKR5: 5-6H x 4-6W $1,520
  WKR5: 6-7H x 5-7W $1,660
  WKR5: 7-8H x 6-8W $1,760

Minimum order is 5

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Curved wall kits designed for:

– quick and easy installation

– minimum and maximum drive/development parameters

Custom sizes, flat wall kits and individual wall kit components also available  .

35 x 35 x 2.5 mm SHS Rolled (Galvanised).

Additional information

Curved wall dimensions

WKR5: 3-4H x 3-5W, WKR5: 3-4H x 5-7W, WKR5: 4-5H x 3-5W, WKR5: 5-6H x 5-7W, WRR5: 6-7H x 3-5W, WKR5: 7-8H x 6-8W

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