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Refurbished CAT R2900 bogger bucket


Goldmont Engineering has lots of experience doing repair, refurbishment and fabrication of components for Epiroc, Sandvik, Caterpillar and Normet underground mobile plant & equipment – trucks, boggers, integrated tool carriers and other support equipment.

Our experience includes designing solutions to recurring equipment problems. Take a look at our in-house designed retrieval hook for retrieving trapped boggers. Other products we stock and supply specifically for use with underground mobile equipment are:

  •  Recovery hooks
  •  Retrieval hook plates and base plates
  •  Cabin spill guards
  •  Rear grills
  •  Radiator cowlings
  •  Cabin doors
  •  Battery Covers
  •  Transmission Covers
  •  Engine mount kits
  •  Wings / Scrub bars
  •  Bucket stops
  •  Loader frame safety stops
  •  Profile bars for bogger buckets
  •  Bogger maintenance ramps

Examples of the work Goldmont does on underground mobile equipment:

  • Engineering certified ROPs and FOPs cab repairs or fabrication of new items.
  • Bogger bucket design and fabrication.
  • Bogger bucket repairs, maintenance and refurbishment.
  • Bogger and truck chassis repairs.
  • Truck tray relines.
  • Work baskets – single and twin stage.
  • Fan installation platforms.
  • Charge baskets
Underground Mobile Equipment –Truck Tray Refurbishment
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