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Underground drilling rigs – Reamer Presenter
thrust cylinder storage and presenter for underground drilling raise bore rig


Goldmont Engineering does repair, refurbishment and fabrication of underground drilling rigs and associated equipment.   We have worked on repairing and modifying jumbo drill rigs, raise bore rigs, long hole drill rigs, and diamond drill rigs.

We have done extensive re-design and upgrade of OEM equipment for raise bore rigs. Our work on associated equipment for raise bore rigs includes reamers, non rotator guides, access ladders and various handling equipment.

We provide engineering certification for all work if required by the customer.

Products we supply specifically for use with underground drilling rigs are:

  • Travelling Centralisers for Jumbo boom
  • Front Centralisers for Jumbo boom
  • Jumbo boom stands
  • Inner zoom tubes
  • Jumbo drill rod holders
  • Scraper hoe winch cable guides
  • Access ladders for raise bore rigs
  • Vertical drill rod racks for diamond drilling
  • Drill rod stillages for raise bore rigs
Underground drilling – Refurbished diamond drilling rig
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