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Boilermaker jobs Kalgoorlie
Boilermaker tradesmen preparing for the day

Boilermaker jobs - applicants who are not Australian residents

Criteria for Applicant

Applications for boilermaker jobs in Australia are invited from tradesman who:

Goldmont Engineering is based in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Successful applicants are required to live in Kalgoorlie.

Applicants must:
• Be proficient in positional welding with innershield wire such as Hobart XLR8 & Outershield wire such as Lincoln 71E-H.
• Be qualified Boilermakers
• Be licenced to drive a manual car
• Be flexible to work shift work and on remote sites
• Meet the criteria required for a 482 Visa to work in Australia (see below).

The following is preferred but not essential:
• Truck Licence

Applications to: Goldmont Engineering
7-9 Broadwood Street, Kalgoorlie WA 6430
Phone: +61 8 9021 8359
EMAIL: info@goldmont.com.au


Further Information

Selection Process

Applicants will be nominated to advance to the second stage of the job application process based on the resumes and any other information presented with the application. However, no applicant will advance to the second stage until they have the documentation required to apply for a 482 visa (see below).

Applicants who advance to the second stage will be required to attend a workshop in Richards Bay for interviews and skills testing. Applicants selected for the second stage will need to travel to Richards Bay at their own cost.

We understand that the application process means you might have to incur substantial costs prior to knowing if Goldmont will offer you a job. Previously, we have offered jobs to boilermakers prior to them acquiring all the documentation required to apply for a 482 visa. Most of these boilermakers have failed to get the documentation required for the visa. Hence, we have re-designed the application process to increase our confidence that applicants who attend the interview and skills testing in Richards Bay will obtain a visa and come and work with us.

You can be confident that Goldmont will employ you if:
• You have excellent boilermaking skills;
• You can be easily understood when speaking English; and
• You have a “good attitude”.

Please note that there are no guarantees. Goldmont is currently very keen to employ more boilermakers and cannot source enough suitable boilermakers locally. This could change if more boilermakers became available locally or if the demand for boilermaking work decreased. However, there is no indication that either of these factors will change in the foreseeable future.

If it is not practical for you to travel to Richards Bay, then advise us which major centre you could travel to. At this stage, we do not have any intention to do testing at any other location so if you cannot get to Richards Bay then we probably will not consider your application. However, it is possible this could change in the future.


Wages & Conditions

Successful applicants will be paid AUD (Australian Dollar) $40 per hour. This is a flat rate so these is no additional pay for working over time or weekends. We do pay an additional $4 per hour for night shift work. Goldmont works a 10 days on, four days off roster. Work days are 11.5 hours of paid work per day (5.00am to 5.00pm with 30 minute lunch break).

There is currently a bonus paid once per year and details of the bonus will be provided at a later stage.

You will be on probation for the first three months. If you pass the probation period, your wage will be increased depending on your performance. As a guide, our current boilermakers are paid between $43 and $47 per hour.

If you have a family – wife and children – we will sponsor them to join you in Kalgoorlie (at your cost) after you have completed your probation period.

You will also receive five weeks of annual leave per year. When on annual leave you will be paid at your hourly rate for 37.5 hours per each week of leave.

You will pay for all your living costs including accommodation costs in Kalgoorlie. However, Goldmont will pay for four weeks of accommodation in the local caravan park when you first arrive.



Kalgoorlie is adjacent to another town called Boulder and the terms “Kalgoorlie” and “Kalgoorlie-Boulder” are used interchangeably. Kalgoorlie is a town of about 30,000 people located 600km east of Perth which is the capital city of Western Australia (about 2.2 million population). It is predominantly a mining town. It has good facilities and offers a huge variety of sporting facilities and social groups. A summary of the weather conditions is:
• Daily average temperatures in summer are minimum 18 degrees Celsius and maximum 33 degrees Celsius. There is an average of 8 days over 40 degrees in summer and the highest ever recorded maximum is 46 degrees.
• Daily average temperatures in winter are minimum 5 degrees Celsius and maximum 18 degrees Celsius. The record minimum temperature is minus 3 degrees.

Here are some links for information on Kalgoorlie. Hopefully it helps and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.


To get a feel for the cost of housing accommodation, go to realestate.com.au. Search Kalgoorlie (postcode 6430) or Boulder (postcode 6432), click on the rent tab and that will take you to rentals in town.

This is the type off accommodation we will book you into for your first two weeks www.kalcp.com/

Obtaining a Visa

To obtain a 482 work visa the applicant must:
• Achieve a suitable score in the IELT (the International English Language Test) – this requires an average score of 5 across all sections with a minimum score of 4.5 in any one section.
• Have papers confirming trade qualifications
• Have a passport (or be able to get one)
• Have a birth certificate.
• Be able to obtain a current police clearance

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