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Heavy Haulage, Service Trucks & Body Building

Goldmont maunfactures, repairs and maintains heavy haulage and general transport equipment. We are a licensed Motor Body Repairer for Body Building, Electrical Accessory Fitting and Mechanical Accessory Fitting Work – license No MRB4928. We can fabricate whatever you require for your new truck or trailer or modify existing vehicles and trailers.

We design and certify products such as A-frames, tri-dollies and tow hitches. The certification process includes the granting of a Component Registration Number when required by the federal Department of Regional Infrastructure and Development.

Goldmont will issue a certificate for conformity for its work to demonstrate compliance with Australian Design Rules.



“We recently had a tanker sprayed by Goldmont and were very impressed with the professional quality of the work done.”

Gary Penn, Owner Penns Transport