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Construction Services

Goldmont Engineering sub-contracts on construction work. The in-house developed Automated Pile Cutter (APC) machine gives us a unique advantage on construction projects that require the cutting and weld preparation of tubular steel raked piles which are commonly used in jetty construction:

  • This is the first machine in the world that is able to automatically do the cutting and weld preparation of raked tubular steel piles.
  • It can be programmed to cut and prepare for welding any diameter pile, at any rake angle.
  • It has dramatically decreased both the time taken to cut and prepare piles and the consumables used.
  • It has eliminated many health and safety issues associated with the traditional manual approach to preparing piles.

The APC machine has been successfully patented in Australia – Australian Patent No. 2014292801

Video: Automated Pile Cutter Machine

“Goldmont has provided exceptional commitment to our projects and I will definitely utilise their products and services on future contracts.”

John Otto, Plant Manager, BAM Clough